Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laundry Room to Laundry Spa

Wow! It seems like forever since I have written a post. I have been a very busy lady as of lately. My dryer of 6 years broke for the second time. Instead of having it repaired once again, the hubster and I decided to bite the bullet and get a new, better quality machine.  For about a week I was hanging laundry on hangers all over my house! It took 2 days for it to dry. I have to do 4 loads a day to keep up around here, so the laundry pile was building, and building.

Since the dryer was gone I decided to get painting! I chose colorplace Underwater Bahamas Green in satin. I am sooo in love with the color! Sometimes it looks more green and sometimes if looks more blue. At all times if feels like a spa. Maybe I'll change the name of the room to Laundry Spa. It's where clothes go to relax and refresh! :D

Here is how the washer/dryer side looks now.  Notice the big builder grade wire shelf is gone.  I cannot wait to replace that bad boy! I get a super-smile just thinking about it. Oh, the new dryer is here too.

And here is the pantry side. The freezer is gone. Wahoo! I removed it by myself using my superhuman, she-man, this needs to get done now because I am impatient powers! Hey, it works. Try it sometime. As you can see I have a fresh clean slate to work with. Loooove it!

I hinted in this post that I had a little something up my sleeve for the left over fabric from my ironing board cover. Tada! 

I had this cheap little Easter style basket laying around. It got prettyfied! I haven't decided if it will be used for lost mates or delicate underthings. Something to ponder I guess.  I would do a tutorial on making a basket lining tutorial but it was a major pain. The basket is wonky and asymmetrical. In hindsight I should have made a paper pattern to start. I didn't and wasted a bunch of fabric. Oopsie!

I am so excited to dive into the next faze! 

To Do:

1. Paint the walls a smokey aqua.
2. Recover the ironing board.
3. Find or make a cute solution for hiding fabric softener sheets. hint, hint!
4. Install new shelving above the washer/dryer and style it.
5. Organize the pantry shelves and find a clever way to disguise them.
6. Prettyfy the laundry sink.
7. Plead with the hubster to help me move the chest freezer to the garage.
8. Find a sorting hamper to replace the chest freezer.
9. Accessorize!

Do you have any projects that you are super duper anxious to start?

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