Thursday, September 6, 2012

Before the Magic: Ho Hum Laundry Room

A couple of days ago I shared that I was in the beginning stages of my laundry room makeover. Today I thought I would give you a little tour of the laundry room before the magic happens and give you a run down on on a few of the projects I have planned.

When the laundry door is open this is the view that welcomes you. Bleck! I am a couponer and that shelf above the washer and dryer was completely loaded down with laundry supplies. I have been consciously trying to use them up and move on a to more frugal, less toxic, and space saving system of getting our clothes clean. I just recently started making my own powdered laundry soap and I will never go back! You can find the recipe I use at Yellow Brick Home. I will still use fabric softener sheets until I can find a better solution. I just love the smell.

This is the wall opposite of the washer and dryer. About a year ago I decided to move our little chest freezer in from the garage. It is very convenient to have it in the house, but it is really cramping my little 7'x7' room. My handy dandy hubster installed the pantry shelves and I love the storage they supply. I really don't like to look at them on a daily basis. They give the whole room a cluttered feeling.

Ahhh. The laundry sink. There is nothing special about it. It is just your basic, run of the mill laundry sink. It is located to the left of the washer and dryer as you face them, right next to the door. This needs {warning: new word alert} prettyfication, stat!

To Do:

1. Paint the walls a smokey aqua.
2. Recover the ironing board.
3. Find or make a cute solution for hiding fabric softener sheets. hint, hint!
4. Install new shelving above the washer/dryer and style it.
5. Organize the pantry shelves and find a clever way to disguise them.
6. Prettyfy the laundry sink.
7. Plead with the hubster to help me move the chest freezer to the garage.
8. Find a sorting hamper to replace the chest freezer.
9. Accessorize!

To leave you for today I thought I would share my inspiration pic. It came from one of my favorite blogs, House of Smiths.

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