Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Kitchen Catastrophe & Pantry Labels

Wow, it is Wednesday already! Where is the week going?

I have been a busy bee as of late. It all started on Saturday with a trip to a local apple orchard. The munchkins, my amazing sister-in-law, and I picked up a couple of bushels of apples and of course some apple doughnuts. Straight from the orchard our little group headed to a site tucked into the woods on the back country roads of Wisconsin to join the rest of the family for a house framing party. There we sat all night long! It was much needed R&R watching all the men work. Haha! The hubster did however ask me to build the door frames. I built one. I was slowing them down so I bowed out.

Sunday started out with high hopes and expectations. I had planned to can both bushels of apples into applesauce. It all went horribly wrong. My first batch burned. I also burned my forehead when the sauce bubbled and splattered. Lesson learned. I would post a pic, but it is gross! Bleck! I got back into the kitchen and made a second batch once I was feeling well enough to remove the ice pack from my face. The process went swimmingly and the sauce was delicious! Now I have 20 quarts of homemade applesauce. Mmmmm!

Then, it happened. My clothes dryer of 6 years broke for the second and final time. I chucked that thing to the garage. I will not have it repaired again. I will upgrade! :) For now, I will be hanging clothes in the laundry room until I have the ability to purchase the monster. Just think of the cash I will be saving on the electric bill! There is always a bright side. Which means that the makeover is going to take a little longer than anticipated. Bummer!

In the meantime I whipped up another set of labels. Pantry labels!
Download them free HERE.

Till next time,
XOXO ~Jaime

Have you had any kitchen catastrophes or household breakdowns lately?

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