Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Cleaning Schedule & Free Printables!

Who doesn't love free planner printables? I certainly do! I thought I would share my planner inserts with all of you to enable you to get yourself organized and ready to roll for the upcoming year.

I'll start with my Weekly Routine Checklist. It's simple and pretty straight to the point.

Next up is my Zone Cleaning Checklist. Also very simple. Print off as many as needed for your required number of zones. 

Printing works best if you cut your page to A5 size  (half page) before printing.
If you would like to see how I use my printable planner inserts you can watch here:

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY Recipe Binder | Recipe Organization | Free Printables

Today is the day I share my Recipe Binder with you! I tried to keep it as simple as possible in order for it to be easily replicated and maintained.  The notes pages, recipe pages, contents pages, and menu pages are to be printed on 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper (half of a sheet). The Grocery List page prints on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

If you would like to see how I use these pages watch the video!

In the video I misspoke and stated I used one package of Target Dollar Spot File folders for the page divider inserts as well as the cover. I actually used 4! I'm sorry if I confused you!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Grocery List Fun


Today I am sharing my printable grocery shopping list. It makes shopping a breeze. It is organized by section and has check boxes to mark off as you add items to your cart.

Click here to download the free printable.  I hope it helps to make your meal planning a little more efficient, and dare I say enjoyable?!?

Until next time,
Xoxo ~Jaime

Monday, June 10, 2013

Slack No More! A Jewelry Display Tutorial

So here's the thing.  I have been slacking for a very long time with BoB.  I have been working on projects, just not blogging them. Sorry! There. I said it. Now lets move on to the fun stuff. :)

Here is a little something I worked on way back in February:
It all started when I reorganized my closet back in January.  It seems as though January is the month that I get bitten by the organization bug.  I don't know what it is, but it feels so good to purge and organize.  I don't have any before pics but here is a little peek into my closet.
Do you see that empty space on the wall on the bottom right hand side? Total waste of space! That my friends is what got my wheels turning.  I decided to DIY a jewelry display.  Here is what I gathered from around the BoB homefront: 
  1. A picture frame with the glass removed
  2. 1/4" piece of plywood cut to the same size as the frame's glass (masonite might work too)
  3. Paint brush
  4. Paint ( I mixed up a bunch of craft paint till I got a color I liked)
  5. Tiny cup hooks
  6. Ruler for marking cup hook placement
I started with a Pottery Barn frame that I scored at a garage sale last season. I traced the glass from the frame onto the plywood and had my handy dandy Hubster cut it out. Seriously, none of my projects would get done without that guy!
Next up? Paint! I didn't sand or prime and I love the way it turned out!
As you can see from the pic, I used a quilting ruler to mark my cup hook holes.  Once my holes were marked, I tapped in brad nails to start the holes.  Those little buggers can be a little hard on the fingers if you skip this step especially if you're doing a lot. Remove the nails and screw in the cup hooks.  My cup hooks poked through the back of the plywood a tiny bit, but I didn't worry about that too much because the cardboard on the back of the frame would cover them. Insert your work into the frame and you should have your very own version of this:
For ease of hanging I traced the frame onto a piece of craft paper and marked where the "hangers" were.  
I hung the paper on the wall with a little more tape, making sure it was level, and pounded the nails right through the paper.  
I pulled the paper down and hung my new display/storage. Here's the before and after:
Simple, right? Is there anything you have been dying to organize?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Get out, you Boob...light that is!

A couple of weeks ago my mom flew in from New York for a short visit. I don't get to see her much so I was super duper excited. We always work on a craft/home decor project or two while we are together. This go-round we whipped her up 3 roman shades. I didn't get pics but they turned out gorgeous. I am thinking of whipping up a shade for my patio doors though. Maybe I will even do a tutorial. Who knows?

Anyway, while she was here we stopped into the local habitat for Humanity store and found this monstrosity for $5! Thanks, Mom!

Can you believe that we agreed that we should buy this thing? The finish was ugly and it was rusty on the bottom. Those shades! Ugghh! Her bones were good though. She just needed a little love. So I nicknamed her Chandy. Chandy was going to replace this thing...Boob light alert!

To prep my new {to me} fixture I gave her a good bath with some soap water. Dried her off with a microfiber cloth, and dismantled her. I stuck cotton balls in the sockets and wrapped the cords in duck tape to keep these areas protected. Why duct tape? I couldn't find my painters tape that I had already gotten out and hid from myself in plain sight. Kind of like when you are looking for your glasses and they are on you face...Yeah, I did that. 

To paint her I laced her on an old bent closet rod and threaded that through a ladder. And here she is in all her oil rubbed bronze gloriousness!

Once the hubster hung her I touched up any little nicks that occurred with some paint that I sprayed into the top of an old food container. I used a q-tip to apply. I love the way she turned out!

See the shutter to the left of the door? One of my besties found that at a thrift store for $2 and it made her think of me. Gotta love friends!

Has a friend ever surprised you with an unconventional gift that you are madly in love with?

XOXO ~Jaime 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Builder Grade to Old World Shelving

The laundry shelf is finished!!!! It was so much fun to design, watch my hubster build, and perform experiments on. I am so in love! What do you think?

This shelf was very inexpensive to make. It cost under $10! We used a 2"x10" that we already had laying around, a 1"x4" @ 8' and a 2"x2" @8'. That is it! I wanted it super chunky, simple, and most importantly to look old.

I decided I was going to try the vinegar, steel wool, and tea staining process that you see all over the blogosphere and pinterest. I started out brewing some super duper strong tea and brushing it on the entire shelf.

Next up was making the vinegar solution. I dumped a handful of steel nails and screws into the bottom of a mason jar and poured in plain cheapo white vinegar. Now for the hard part. Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting. I had to wait for a whole 24 hours! Can you believe that???? Bah! I am so impatient. Anyway, that is how long it takes for the nails to oxidize. This is what my jar looked like. You can almost see the bubbles that started forming immediately.

Today, I did it. It is all stained. It took a little experimenting along the way and I was happy to do it. The top board aged immediately. It was amazing and sooo very exciting to watch it age before my eyes. The front board, however, was very stubborn. It just did not want to cooperate. I decided to added another coat of tea after the first coat of the vinegar oxidizing solution was dry. Then tried again. A little better. Not quite what I was going for, but I noticed that my tea was turning black from the vinegar oxidizing solution. Hmmmm. What did I do? I dumped the tea straight into the vinegar solution eliminating a step and dry time. I told you I was impatient. :) I brushed on a coat of the new streamlined mixture. It was better but we just weren't quite there yet. I sat and I thunk, and I thunk some more. What could deepen the stain? Coffee grounds! I dumped some previously used coffee grounds into the mix. Perfection! Just what I was looking for! Instasmile! :D Waiting again. Ugghhh. It has to dry before I can wipe off the grounds. If you try this at home use an old stained up rag that you can toss in the garbage. It stains.

Here is a little shot to show you the difference from new lumber to aged.  BIG difference!

Are you ready for the before and afters?


And here is a look at the inspiration room.

What do you think? I love my own little spin on an already pretty design.

What has inspired you lately?

Till next time, 
XOXO ~Jaime

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laundry Room to Laundry Spa

Wow! It seems like forever since I have written a post. I have been a very busy lady as of lately. My dryer of 6 years broke for the second time. Instead of having it repaired once again, the hubster and I decided to bite the bullet and get a new, better quality machine.  For about a week I was hanging laundry on hangers all over my house! It took 2 days for it to dry. I have to do 4 loads a day to keep up around here, so the laundry pile was building, and building.

Since the dryer was gone I decided to get painting! I chose colorplace Underwater Bahamas Green in satin. I am sooo in love with the color! Sometimes it looks more green and sometimes if looks more blue. At all times if feels like a spa. Maybe I'll change the name of the room to Laundry Spa. It's where clothes go to relax and refresh! :D

Here is how the washer/dryer side looks now.  Notice the big builder grade wire shelf is gone.  I cannot wait to replace that bad boy! I get a super-smile just thinking about it. Oh, the new dryer is here too.

And here is the pantry side. The freezer is gone. Wahoo! I removed it by myself using my superhuman, she-man, this needs to get done now because I am impatient powers! Hey, it works. Try it sometime. As you can see I have a fresh clean slate to work with. Loooove it!

I hinted in this post that I had a little something up my sleeve for the left over fabric from my ironing board cover. Tada! 

I had this cheap little Easter style basket laying around. It got prettyfied! I haven't decided if it will be used for lost mates or delicate underthings. Something to ponder I guess.  I would do a tutorial on making a basket lining tutorial but it was a major pain. The basket is wonky and asymmetrical. In hindsight I should have made a paper pattern to start. I didn't and wasted a bunch of fabric. Oopsie!

I am so excited to dive into the next faze! 

To Do:

1. Paint the walls a smokey aqua.
2. Recover the ironing board.
3. Find or make a cute solution for hiding fabric softener sheets. hint, hint!
4. Install new shelving above the washer/dryer and style it.
5. Organize the pantry shelves and find a clever way to disguise them.
6. Prettyfy the laundry sink.
7. Plead with the hubster to help me move the chest freezer to the garage.
8. Find a sorting hamper to replace the chest freezer.
9. Accessorize!

Do you have any projects that you are super duper anxious to start?