Friday, November 9, 2012

Get out, you Boob...light that is!

A couple of weeks ago my mom flew in from New York for a short visit. I don't get to see her much so I was super duper excited. We always work on a craft/home decor project or two while we are together. This go-round we whipped her up 3 roman shades. I didn't get pics but they turned out gorgeous. I am thinking of whipping up a shade for my patio doors though. Maybe I will even do a tutorial. Who knows?

Anyway, while she was here we stopped into the local habitat for Humanity store and found this monstrosity for $5! Thanks, Mom!

Can you believe that we agreed that we should buy this thing? The finish was ugly and it was rusty on the bottom. Those shades! Ugghh! Her bones were good though. She just needed a little love. So I nicknamed her Chandy. Chandy was going to replace this thing...Boob light alert!

To prep my new {to me} fixture I gave her a good bath with some soap water. Dried her off with a microfiber cloth, and dismantled her. I stuck cotton balls in the sockets and wrapped the cords in duck tape to keep these areas protected. Why duct tape? I couldn't find my painters tape that I had already gotten out and hid from myself in plain sight. Kind of like when you are looking for your glasses and they are on you face...Yeah, I did that. 

To paint her I laced her on an old bent closet rod and threaded that through a ladder. And here she is in all her oil rubbed bronze gloriousness!

Once the hubster hung her I touched up any little nicks that occurred with some paint that I sprayed into the top of an old food container. I used a q-tip to apply. I love the way she turned out!

See the shutter to the left of the door? One of my besties found that at a thrift store for $2 and it made her think of me. Gotta love friends!

Has a friend ever surprised you with an unconventional gift that you are madly in love with?

XOXO ~Jaime 

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